Indigenous Job Connections (IJC) actively supports individuals and groups from Far North Queensland and Cape York to pursue employment, training and business opportunities, using programs and profits from which long term economic benefit and cultural enrichment will be provided.

Since its inception in 2002 as a Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) provider specialising in indigenous programs, IJC has diversified into new programs, commercial activities and multi-cultural training.

IJC no longer relies solely on government grants. It has a dedicated staff and bright future; winning and creating business as an independent organisation through acting on its own initiatives and competitive tendering. IJC leads by example in supporting its stakeholders to become independent, capable, productive people, families and organisations.

Commercial Activities

Through the development of a strategic plan and the diversification of interests, IJC now encompasses a range of training, employment and business interests. IJC has extended its operations into commercial profit enterprises, generating income for operational costs and community support activities.

Community Support & Training

Training programs offer a range of training and community support options to FNQ Indigenous people.